Sunday, July 9, 2017


I'm sitting here, sweating my butt off in this RV and I'm trying not to be mad, or sad. It's so freaking hot outside so it's hard to keep this tin can that I'm living in cool.

It's been almost a year since I wrote in this blog, which doesn't matter, since no one really reads it. It's just a thing I do to let go, to rant, to complain and even to give praise. Sometimes.
If you build it they will come....that's a little bit of my mentality today...If I write it they will read. Whoever they are. Or not.

I never thought life would ever get this way, not my life. Living in a broken down RV, very little cash left and almost out of cigarettes. I could use a cold beer, but no money for that. I do hope things turn around sooner than later, but looks more like later right now. If ever. I want a "real" house, I'm so over the RV living thing. Although I know that I'd rather be right here where I'm at, and in this RV, than where I was before I bought it. I do have my freedom here. I can come and go as I please without answering to anyone. When I remember this fact, I'm a little more content, a little more patient and a lot more thankful. Whew...glad I got that off my chest.