Monday, December 19, 2011

A Rough Road

I thank God that we are going through this rough time in our lives, He knows what we're going through and I trust Him completely to see us through. It can only make us stronger I believe. And in the mean time, as we walk through this rough road, holding God's hand, we are more content than we ever thought possible. And when this hard time is better or over, we will be able to look back and really see what we've learned.

It's been a little over a year now since moving here. I kept waiting for things to get better, and with every step that got better it seemed that we slipped back a few more steps in the wrong direction. Just like that saying, or that song, One step forward and two steps back...only our two steps back seemed like ten steps back!

I can honestly say through it all I really am able to rely more on God, I'm not as scared about certain things that I use to be afraid of. We've been hungry, gone without electricity, gone without water and gas. We have never been hurt though, physically or in any other way.

We have seen the love of family and friends. Some of these things we've gone without were just for a short time, then God would bless us by giving us more work which is money, and we'd be able to have our electricity, water, phone, internet, and gas turned back on. We also may have been hungry, but I know it's because we didn't like what was available to eat, but there was always food for us.
Just not always what we wanted, and that's really a good thing, it teaches us not to be so picky or spoiled.

I thank and praise God for all the hard times and the good times!

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