Thursday, June 30, 2011

Aloe Vera...awesome stuff!

My ex-husband brought me a whole bunch of Aloe Vera cactus yesterday, I'm going to plant them in pots outside and inside the house with my grand daughter who like me loves to garden.
Part of one of the large leaves got snapped in two, so I decided to take the broken part and use the gel and liquid that is inside of it. I know Aloe Vera is known for being a plant that heals and I have had this cold sore inside my nose for weeks and it just doesn't seem to be getting better, actually yesterday I thought it was getting worse, so I took a cotton swab and got the gel and liquid parts of the aloe all over the swab and put it on the cold sore inside of my nose.
Then I thought, what the heck, it's in beauty products, so I put it all over my face, my neck, my legs and hands and my chest, my arms, every where!
Then I felt a little tiny bit of burning near my eyes so I must of gotten it maybe too close to my eyes.
At first I thought it's no big deal, it can't hurt you. But knowing me, I got a little scared so I got on the internet and looked up Aloe Vera. Just about everything I found on it was positive, nothing bad. Which I knew from past experience any way, but me, have to be a little safe than sorry. I'm actually glad I looked it up, I will use my new precious plants as a healer to wounds and as my new beauty product.
This morning when I woke up the cold sore was gone, no sore in my nose! I really couldn't believe it, no more pain, I thought this was miraculous!