Monday, February 28, 2011


For two and a half months now, we: my self, my young son, my older adult son, his two young children three to four days a week, my adult daughter, her baby, her other three children a few times a week have been co-existing together in one of my other adult son's home, while he and his wife are living up north. It's been good....there have been a lot of good times and there have been some harder times. But mainly good, I think we have all learned more than anything to respect each other, and that family is an awesome bond. That saying is true...about blood being thicker than water.

I'm ready to move back to my old neighborhood though, to get on with my life again. It's truly
bitter sweet, I'll miss living with my adult son and his's painful to say goodbye. My daughter and her children, me and my young son will all move into a home together that fits us all, I look forward to being back in my own place and being by my young son's school again.