Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ever Changing Life...

Wow how life has changed in just a few days...some changes are good some are devastating...this one is most definitely devastating! We got behind on our rent because one family decided not to show up or even let us know they we're not going to be coming in weeks. It cost us four hundred dollars a month which was aprox. $2000 total that we budgeted! Then one family text-ed on a Sat. evening saying her mom got fired so she's going to take over watching her boys, which put us out about $900 a month behind indefinitely! Our landlord said he would work with us and for a couple months he did but then out of the blue he gives us a 5 day notice to come up with all the money we owe which is about two and a half months rent and not that I blame him, I was a landlord a couple of times and I worked with my tenants but it was just too hard and had to evict them. I'm just shocked that after the 5 days notice was up he went to the court and when we got the court eviction notice it wasn't 30 days like it use to be, it was 9 days!!! We had to be out in 9 days! We had little help and I am so appreciative to the ones that did help. We had no where to go, thank God my son and his wife allowed us to come stay at their house until we get enough money to get our own place again. All this on my son's birthday which meant no party for him, that saddened me. Plus my daughter could only bring her infant, so her other three children are staying with their dad til we get our own place again. And all this before Christmas!!! We lost our business and will have to start over again once we get back on our feet.
In the midst of everything we are trying to keep a positive out look which is hard for the most part. I'm praying a lot and trusting God. I hope this never happens to another person, especially if they have kids, it just totally sucks!Starting over is really not fun right now.