Saturday, September 4, 2010 unappreciated job!

Like I've stated before, my daughter and I run an in home daycare for children.
We've had this one family for over a year, almost two years actually.
They have always paid us in advance for two weeks at a time and if there was a holiday or if for another reason their children didn't come they paid for those days, too.

I've told them many times they don't have to pay if their children aren't here and I've actually tried to give them their money back on many occasions but they said they want to do this, this is how they paid their old daycare provider.
I thought this was and it was, extremely nice of them.

Since this has been going on for so long we budgeted accordingly.
We raised our rates by five dollars a day several months ago, and this mom even encouraged me to do so because she said we deserve it, but we would not raise this families rates because of them paying us even though their children didn't come a day or so. We even talked about this with this family. It was known to them and to us, their rates will stay the same since they pay even when their children aren't here at times.

All of the sudden they stopped paying us when their children didn't come, without even telling us they were going to do this. At first I just let it go, thinking they just made a mistake or whatever. But then as the weeks went on and they kept not paying us like they did for so long our budget suffered tremendously.
And I just couldn't understand why they didn't come to us and tell us they were going to start doing this. What made them decide to stop paying if there was a holiday or if their children didn't come for a day.

So I texted her one evening and asked about it. And they, her and her husband got so pissed that I sent a text, which was a nice text asking why they changed how they paid us and why they didn't let us know they were going to do this. They said I was immature to text them about it that I should have sat down and discussed it with them, well they were immature too then by not even sending me a text or to sit down face to face to discuss it in the first place, making me have to. And texting I do not think is immature at all. I nicely told them it's ok that they want to stop paying if their children aren't here, I don't charge anyone if their child is not here.
But since they wanted to do this for over a year and we budgeted that way, they should have at least gave us some notice so that it wouldn't hurt us financially. And since the only reason we didn't raise their rates when we raised everyone elses now no longer applies. Since now they changed this, we didn't, I informed them, now we have to increase their rates like we did to everyone else. Well that didn't go over too well, they were enraged, especially her husband.

He came to our house that night screaming f-bombs to me and my daughter, I thought he was going to hit us. I have never seen him or her like this, my daughter and I both cried, our children were terrified too. There is no excuse for his actions! So unacceptable!
But after seeing him in action I realized why one of their children has the rage he has and melt downs on a continual basis. So sad! So wrong! Poor baby!
I will so miss their children, they were, are precious.
I'm sad over this, I can't believe they blew up like they did, I just don't understand certain people or their way of thinking sometimes.
They should have come to us, to inform us of their pay change, they were wrong, we were not wrong by asking about it and then letting them know that our new pay rates now apply to them like the other day care parents. I'm almost in a state of shock over this, their treatment, their way of thinking.