Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Power of Music..good and bad

There are still songs that when I hear them on the radio take me back to
my first marriage, and although it's been forever ago, those songs can
still sting and take me back twenty five and thirty years ago. Man that
makes me sound old!

In my second marriage we didn't listen to secular music only to Christian music, that use to upset me, because I love music, I love to dance and I
love to sing. But today I'm glad that we didn't because today there's no music that I hear on the radio that hurts when I hear it. Or takes me back
to earlier good times or painful bad times with my second ex-husband. And we never had a song we could call ours, it's funny, that use to sadden me,
but they say everything works out the way it's suppose to, I guess
that's true, cause it's a good thing that we never had "our song"
if we did and I heard it on the radio it would most likely hurt.

It's funny how music can take you back to yesteryear and how it can bring back the exact way you felt no matter how long it's been. Our memories are an amazing thing. Music is a powerful thing.

my blog

I just want to say to anyone who reads my blog, I don't mean to offend anyone and I'm sorry if I have or if I do in the future. It's my own personal experiences, things I've gone through, good and bad, my way of even blowing off steam sometimes I think, and also hopefully someone who's gone through any of the same things I've gone through, maybe it can even help them through their own battles. And some things I write are just my own opinion, I am not trying to attack anyone nor should anyone take it as that, we are all entitled to our own opinions and to voice them on our own blog.

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Saturday, August 21, 2010

School times

I can hardly believe summer vacation is over, it went by so fast! The kids are back in school, it's so much more quieter around the house, it almost saddens me, I miss them when they're gone.

I'm listening to the radio, songs that are playing I listened to back when I was in jr. high and high school, a zillion years ago! Or so it feels like that. Songs of romance mainly. Today hearing these songs takes me back in my mind to innocent love and the excitement of one day getting married to a man that adores me and I adore him, having babies, and living happily ever after. And the reality of it today feels like a kick in my gut and in my heart. Two failed marriages and five kids later at the age of fifty....will I ever ever have true love in my life or is it too late....has it passed me by and now I get to grow old alone? I miss having a relationship but I don't miss my last two marriages....they were abusive. Living alone is at least safe although lonely at times. I'll always prefer alone over abuse any day! But still I can't help but have hope that there is still a man out there somewhere, for me, someone that's non abusive. And it may seem silly, especially at my age but I want that happily ever after!