Sunday, January 3, 2010

Don't judge anyone

The old saying...Don't judge me til you've walked a mile in my shoes...still stands in my eyes...and I don't judge anyone because I have no idea what they've gone through or are going through in their life. Life is hard and we all have our "stuff" that we have to sort through. So I try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt.

My ex-son-in-law, just told my ten year old son that I'm dumb. Well I'm not dumb and I told my son his mommy just wants the best for him and to protect him. And I will do what ever it takes to protect my child, in fact, I'll drop my life, my desires, my wants and needs, to protect him. I'm not dumb for doing this. I just want the very best for my child/children and grand children.

Just because he is not as protective as me doesn't make me dumb, it's stupid to me to hear about all the abductions and murders on the news and on Nancy Grace, then to ignore it all just to let your kids go unprotected so they don't have to feel like they aren't having fun. You can be very protective and still allow your child to have fun.

An argument erupts just because I won't allow my son, to spend the night with his younger uncle, at my ex-son-in-laws house because I know that there is a molester that comes around and I will not take the chance that he'll come there when my son is there!!! And because my son has a bad habit of sleep walking. He will bolt for the door and run out and not even know what he's doing or where he's at. So I will not allow him to spend the night with anyone yet. I had another son like this, I had to put bells on the door so when he slept walked I would hear the bells and run to get him.

So I say this to my dear ex-son-in-law, do not judge me, especially when it comes to protecting my child! You were molested, you know better! just like I was molested, and I know better, we know what's out there! We lived it, we now know not to allow our kids to become victims!!